Friday, July 29, 2016

Transgender madness comes to Texas

Who could have predicted the downfall of Western Civilization would be post-human à la carte identity? “Lawsuit against UIL threatened over traditional gender team rules,” 1200 WOAI. I say post-human because progressivism has denuded the flesh of worldly attachments, as C. S. Lewis predicted in The Abolition of Man, leaving man only his self-centeredness to ground him to reality. Therefore every student’s personal fantasy must be accommodated. The ego-debasing melting pot has gone cold. Title IX as an instrument of transgender lunacy is a menace for this and other reasons. It foists an imaginary equality on the sexes, and it also mandates politically correct college administrators prosecute rape allegations, violating the accused’s civil rights.

LGBT perverts impose their Nietzschean will on Texas, and the cost-benefit analyzers join them: “Texas business group to fight legislative efforts to restrict LGBT rights,” 1200 WOAI. I’ve said for years this fight is about property rights, doing with my property what I want, not a limited right to abstain from someone else’s commercial tyranny because of beliefs that the state can adjudicate as genuinely held and recognized as religion. (See “SB1062” and “Casual subjugation.”) Don’t worry, though. Paypal’s Peter Thiel, the LGBT reactionary who led the commercial exodus from North Carolina, says it’s okay. Rod Dreher says it’s not okay.

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