Saturday, April 9, 2016

Unamerican creed

This doesn’t bother me that much.

So these Muslims prefer sharia law. At the very least, they honor something higher than worldly authority. Ask me if I prefer the American civil code over God’s law written on my heart. Ask me if I follow the American creed, based on the big lie of sexual self-fulfillment, over God’s law that sets me free from sin.

It’s no surprise secular liberalism is losing to sharia in the West. The inherent corruption is no competition to a supposedly god-ordained, if fundamentally flawed, alternative.

The missing follow-up question is, Should sharia replace the Constitution as the founding document? Should non-Muslims be shunned and oppressed for confessing belief in another, as they are all over the Muslim world? That’s just the civic-minded follow-up. What about, Should belief be coerced or persuaded on the evidence of God’s truths? Is God unendingly wrathful or forgiving to the penitent?

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