Monday, April 25, 2016

Turn my heart

I know You, God, but who am I? I’m torn apart
I treat my brothers not with love but distrust
Daily I’m laid to waste by insatiable lust
Inside I’m against what Jesus’ teachings impart
I worry my soul, like flesh, will be ashes and dust
Lord, can’t You do anything to turn my heart?

Your lofty temple shines as a beacon of hope
But this will of mine just won’t cooperate
I’m finished trying to this old man placate
Lord, don’t let me perish on this barren slope
I’m slipping short of the top, I can’t anymore wait
Quick! send Your Spirit down for my heart to elope

In the final act I’m not me, but Your creation
Idolatry separated by a divine sieve
A broken heart fixed and filled, from which to give
And all will be clean under God’s supervision
With the old man dead Jesus in me can freely live
And graft His people to the Father’s nation

  • Jeremiah 31:33
  • Luke 11:41
  • 1 Cor. 3:16

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