Sunday, April 3, 2016

Good guy

Listen, I’m a good guy, better than most
I treat people right, don’t cheat or boast
I’m straight with the law, I’ve done no evil
People respect me, don’t think of me ill

See my wife, my job, my house
One look at my life, you can tell I’m no louse
What does God want with me, anyway?
Can’t Jesus see I’m doing okay?

Dig deep enough and, sure, you’ll find dirt
It’s not like anyone else I’ve hurt
So don’t stand there with your Bible and shout
I’m not the one God warned you about

Don’t be such a drag
On my happiness, I’m feeling fine
Don’t bother me with superstition
I don’t mean to brag
But my life’s in order, I feel fine
To hell with God, don’t need no religion

Make no mistake
I’ve done well for myself, I’m a success
But something inside just doesn’t feel right
I deserve a break
From all this, did I tell you, I’m a success
Big things are coming, my future is bright

I can’t recall ev’ry last deed was good
I’d change a few things I did if I could
No one’s perfect, of course, and I’m not
Least I’m no liar, killer, or thief, those lot

My hands brought me this far, so why change now?
I’m a good guy, it doesn’t matter how
I’ve done all right living for myself
Look, I don’t want yours or the Lord’s help

As long as my ability holds out
And this life gives me no reason to doubt
And no awful trials threaten to break me
See, I won’t be joining the Lord’s family

  • Proverbs 21:2
  • Ecclesiastes 9:1, 12
  • Luke 18:11-14
  • Acts 17:30-31
  • 1 Timothy 5:24

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