Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Disney values

After Indiana, big business, like Disney, is breaking against property rights in favor of same-sex marriage appropriation. Andrew Klavan asks why corporations oppose religious liberty:

What big corporations hate is freedom of the individual conscience, internally governed families, and churches powerful enough to stand up to the make-believe righteousness of government decrees. All of these things tend to generate independent action and thoughtful morality which can get in the way of profits. People who think for themselves and pray with others tend to be a little less quick to watch the latest soul-degrading film or half-time show or to buy a product simply because it’s the going thing.

Freedom is good for business in general, but it is not good for an individual business that has already made it to the top. Where freedom and competition thrive, prices fall and good ideas rise. Where government coerces, where government pays the freight, where government grants you “rights” to the labor and products of others, prices soar and good ideas that threaten the status quo are trampled under and left behind.

They oppose gender reality, too (see PayPal), and I doubt these are separate issues in their minds. This is the zeitgeist. If you’re inclined to buy one part of the big lie, you’re inclined to buy all of it.

They support gay “rights” and gender fluidity because their corporate offices are ivory towers, disconnected from reality. They’re in the business of salesmanship and public relations, which is absolutely opposed to giving offense to the cult of self and its shrieking, narcissistic purveyors.

Most importantly, corporations serve a consumer culture, where freedom of choice, no matter what the choice is, is the highest good. Publicly observed Christian morality, on which our civil society stands, obstructs unbounded nihilism in individuals. Assertions of morality in the public square threaten consumer culture, which threatens corporations’ gravy train. They are responding accordingly.

We can respond accordingly, and refuse to associate with these businesses. The free market is not anonymous. I’ll be boycotting Disney’s mediocre Marvel movies, mediocre Star Wars movies, and mediocre TV programming from now on. I’d rather forgo a little profit, lose a little pleasure, than know my money goes to such causes as the rottening of the core of America’s soul.

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