Saturday, November 7, 2015


In the day’s doldrums, my mind wanders
Discipline breaks down and I lose grip of
The anchor without which my ship founders

The current carries me, tired, listless
A sweet voice from the sea’s dark depths
Whispers the Siren’s call, relentless:

“No one is watching
No one can see
Wouldn’t it be nice
To come stay with me?”

Ignore the voice I try, and I fail
Just hear him out, I think. What’s the harm?
Thoughts are thoughts, not actions to curtail

“They won’t find out
It’ll be our secret
It’s cozy down here
All your worries forget”

To regard mutiny, I’m all ears
My ship, my anchor, I’ve relinquished
So hasty to sin entrust my fears

My will is weak, I shouldn’t fight
A battle I know I cannot win
Better to surrender to this might

An ally I have, ashamed to call
What would He think of meek, helpless me?
Unworthy of Him, I’d rather fall

Bidden thus, He appears, in power
Roaring, takes my place in my deathbed
Making to Him the Siren cower

My ears unstopped, I hear hymns of grace
The anchor, I cheer, draws me in tight
I’m rescued, reeled in from death’s embrace

A debt I owe but can never pay
I have done nothing to deserve this
But my life He gives me anyway

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