Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welfare reform

Our welfare policies make human flotsam out of economically vulnerable families. Breitbart reports:

The [CIS] report highlights that less educated immigrants are most likely to use every kind of welfare program.

“Education level plays a larger role in explaining welfare use than legal status. The most extensive use of welfare is by less-educated immigrants who are in the country legally. Of households headed by legal immigrants without a high school diploma, 75 percent use one or more welfare programs, as do 64 percent of households headed by legal immigrants with only a high school education,” the report reads.

Households with children tend to use welfare at a higher rate across all three categories (legal, illegal, and native) of households.

Among legal immigrant households with children 72 percent accessed welfare in 2012. Meanwhile 87 percent of illegal immigrant households with children accessed welfare that year compared to 52 percent of native households with children.

Resistance to the welfare state is necessary for self-preservation for lower-income families. The seductions of subsistence and leisure sap ambition and familial interdependency. George Gilder writes:

In 1979 there were some 20 million families that could substantially improve their economic lot by leaving work and splitting up. Yet they did not. Three-fifths of eligible two-parent families even resisted all the noxious advertising campaigns to apply for foods stamps, which they could have merely for the asking. Millions of qualified couples continued to jilt the welfare state. Only in the ghetto, among the most visible, concentrated, and identifiable poor, did the insidious deductions of the war on poverty and its well-paid agents fully prevail over home and family.

What the HEW experiments showed, however, was that many of the yet uninitiated families were vulnerable to a better marketing effort. They will break down rather readily when fully and clearly informed of the advantages and not effectively threatened with child-support suits. In other words, the test showed that millions of jobs and marriages would be in jeopardy if placed in the midst of a welfare culture where the dole bears little stigma and existing jobs pay amounts close to the welfare level or pay cash untraceable by official investigators.

Welfare is a huge barrier for family formation, social discipline, and upward mobility. It is the greatest contributor to creating the permanent underclass featured in the national riot of the month (Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.). Immigration of low-skill labor—“the jobs Americans won’t do”—exacerbates it.

Welfare must be reformed.

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