Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Equality without responsibility

The Ray Rice controversy achieved its purpose. Women have equality with men without the responsibility. There is no debate about it anymore, only punishment for dissent.

She hit De’Andre Johnson first, and he hit back and retreated. Yet he’s the one charged with a misdemeanor. He’s the one kicked off the football team and kicked out of college.

Mike Florio writes at Pro Football Talk:

Unless an elite athlete is under attack by another elite athlete (or by a non-elite athlete with a weapon), the elite athlete needs to disengage and, if necessary, flee. The non-elite athlete who punches or hits or otherwise strikes the elite athlete can then be prosecuted.

If punches are traded, both can be prosecuted, in theory. But the one who does the most damage is likely to suffer the greater consequence—especially if the one who inflicted the most damage ultimately suffered none.

Double standards would be acceptable if they were consistent. In fact I would prefer that women be women and men be men. The differences and inequalities are unavoidable, liberal disincentives notwithstanding.

The fair sex deserves respect and deference, but thanks to feminist “progress” women are not as fair as they used to be. The drunk woman who cocks her fist and hits first does not get treated with the deference due a lady. She has forfeited her title and loses its privileges and protections.

If people want to be respected as full equals, they should welcome being held to equal standards. If they want to be measured by different standards, they should admit the inequality of their stature. But some people want the respect without the responsibility. And some are willing to let them have their cake and eat it, for fear of calling them out on their hypocrisy.

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