Tuesday, June 16, 2015

True colors

Bruce Jenner didn’t break new ground. He’s only the highest-profile case of a transgender gaining mainstream acceptance, which the LGBT cult has been working at for years. If anything was accomplished, the event broadened the ever-expanding category of people it is acceptable to call bigots.

I find that Rachel Dolezal cuts a more fascinating, more sympathetic figure. Her life as a transracial woman hasn’t gotten off the block well:

She resigned Monday as president of the Spokane, Washington, branch of the NAACP, lost her position as a part-time African studies instructor at a local university, was fired as a freelance newspaper columnist and is being investigated by the city Ethics Commission over whether she lied about her race on her application when she landed an appointment to Spokane’s police oversight board.

The usual suspects who normally bend over backwards to the idol of tolerance have no tolerance for Dolezal. And why not?

According to the prevailing socio-racial basis for blackness, Dolezal is black. If it’s true (which it’s not) black men like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain aren’t “really black” because they’re conservative and successful and they’re not social justice agitators, then the opposite must be true. “Acting black” is the meaningful qualifier for blackness. It takes priority over skin pigment. Therefore, if she “acts black,” she’s black. The melanin-deficient Dolezal thought so, because that’s what’s taught.

Furthermore, the racial motives of the organizations that hired Dolezal couldn’t be more transparent now that they’ve fired her. Before she was revealed to have white parents, she had all the social justice credentials and qualifications they were looking for. Now that the black mask is shed, she’s dispensable.

It’s their true colors, not Dolezal’s, that have been revealed.

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