Saturday, June 27, 2015

Slippery slope

It’s not a fallacy. It’s consistently the result of accepting the logical basis of an argument with no limiting principle.

I save no kindness for the Confederate flag, but give power-mad liberals an inch, and they’ll take a mile. That’s why it’s important to never side with them on anything, even if it seems ethically sound. For then you become party to a vicious iconoclastic movement that knows no bounds. You don’t temporarily switch sides in a war when you find out the other side has a better Social Security plan.

If I trusted the stone throwers would stop at the Confederate flag at the Confederate war memorial in Columbia, South Carolina, I might have agreed with them. But I know their motives and that they would not stop. Rod Dreher, whom I am fond of, fell into their trap at the start of it last week, calling for the Confederate flag to be removed, and now he buries his head in the sand at what has followed.

“If the monuments are strong statements of past values, defacing them is the easiest and loudest way to rebuke those statements.” –Michael Allen

This is lunacy. War memorials; statues of historic figures; stained glass; names of buildings, streets, and towns; even Civil War-themed video games have come under attack. For what, exactly? For being racist throwbacks?

No. This is a test of de facto speech controls. The target is speech activity that offends a race-based political class that can’t forgive the sins of the past no matter how many times forgiveness is asked for, as well as speech activity that uncomfortably does not prove another political class’s non-racism. As is the case with tyranny’s more terrifying, insidious form, the people willingly convert to it, rather than resentfully being imposed on by the state.

And shame on these people for overshadowing what was a great story of redeeming grace into a cynical political play. A literal connection between the Confederate flag and Dylann Roof is nonexistent. But liberals at war can’t let a crisis go to waste, and they are skilled at manufacturing ammo from unlikely sources.

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