Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Milking McKinney

This business in McKinney is so tedious, so pathetic I find it difficult to muster any kind of reaction.

The race agitation, professional rabble rousers are getting worked up yet again, this time over an event where no one was hurt, where a cop didn’t even fire his gun. Are they so bored that they’re not content destroying one city at a time? There are still abandoned buildings in Baltimore to burn.

These profiteers of hate have no clue what they’re saying. They read from the same script, no matter the reality of what they’re commenting on.

I watched the video. It was chaos, a crime scene waiting to happen, if it hadn’t happened already. The cop skinned his pistol when a bunch of punks ran up while he was crouched, surrounded him, and made ready to throw down. What’s the district attorney going to discipline—much less prosecute—him for? He’s mob appeasement collateral damage, if nothing else. I’ve seen videos of cops being criminals, killing people for no good reason, like in Staten Island, like in North Charleston. This McKinney cop isn’t one of them.

Nothing good comes from this charade. Nothing. Just futility and anger.

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