Friday, June 5, 2015

Bruce Jenner, self-unmade man

ABC News fixes a quote from someone who lives on Bruce Jenner Lane who refers to Bruce Jenner with masculine pronouns. They change “he” to “she” as if correcting a factual misstatement. There’s not one reference to Bruce Jenner’s real gender in this appalling article.

“I don’t care what [she] did with [her] life because that’s [her] personal choice,” one resident told ABC News. “But I’d rather not change the street name. That’s just a lot of paperwork, you know?”

It sounds like a job for the Ministry of Truth. First they’ll rename the street as if the nonexistent “Caitlyn” Jenner won the gold in the women’s decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. Next they’ll redact the name of the actual female winner from the record books. Some male name will be made up to replace Bruce Jenner as winner of the men’s decathlon.

We mock Communist state media arms like Pravda for their cognitive dissonance and sickly devotion to an immoral cause. But the fealty to transgenderism is not coerced by state power. It’s bought into willingly. American elite media are worse than apparatchiks just following orders. They’re true believers.

Polite society lauds Bruce Jenner’s obvious mental illness as normal, and anyone who dares call it abnormal is being a judgy pants. This is the result of years of indoctrination in a cultural milieu of neo-Marxist nondiscernment. Jenner will waste his millions cosmetically defacing his body, while the illusion of radical self-redefinition encumbers American kids’ growth into mature adults. They’ll rage bitterly against their own anatomies because they won’t be able to hear the politically incorrect truth that God made them in His image.

Putin banned this suicidal propaganda. Bans, we’re told, are bad. Choice is good, so it goes. What of the thing that is banned? Judge the thing on its merits, not on reaction to the ban.

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