Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tip of the spear

Ben Carson may as well have been speaking Klingon to the CNN host:

“A lot of people who go into prison—go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay. So did something happen while they were in there?”


“A lot of people go into jail as a drug addict and they come out as a criminal,” Cuomo responded. “Does that mean that all drug addicts are criminals?”

In Chris Cuomo’s defense, it was probably the first time he’d heard sexuality is fluid over one’s lifetime. Liberals have lost all perspective of the concepts of flawed humanity and free will, the “born this way” fallacy is so deeply ingrained in their minds.

When Carson apologized for telling the truth, he did himself nor the truth any favors. He similarly came up short against the LGBT identity cult at John Hopkins University.

The argument is available. It just needs a champion. It takes but one act of defiance to pierce the armor, one selfless person to sacrifice his popularity. Then it’s a matter of following through. The Supreme Court especially desperately needs to hear about the indefiniteness of sexual attraction and its dubious status under the equal protection clause. At least Anthony Kennedy’s conscience will convict him when he writes the majority opinion federalizing same-sex marriage.

Not to suggest a favorable ruling would protect states and cities from gay insurrectionists. Not even Alabama can resist the gravity of this madness, in the long run. Those polities are too big, too cosmopolitan, too attractive a target to be left alone by truth’s enemies.

But it would be encouraging if people could still form their own communities and practice what those homophobes Moses, Jesus, George Washington, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama circa 2008 believed about marriage, without worrying about the Feds laying siege to them like the Feds sieged the Branch Dividians in Waco.

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