Monday, February 16, 2015

Wonder Cyswoman

Milo Yiannopoulos remarks on Marvel’s rebranding of Thor as a woman at Breitbart:

What sticks in the craw of the fans I’ve spoken to about female Thor is how utterly transparent the political posturing is behind the change. There is no good literary justification for making Thor a woman, they say—and the results have been execrable. You can write intelligent satire about masculinity without making a classic masculine icon into a girl, an observation that seems to have escaped Marvel’s writers.

As well as Tobias Buckell, creator of the 6-foot Nigerian lesbian action hero. That would defeat the purpose, though. The intent is not to satirize masculinity but to encourage leveling of all categorical discernment in readers in the name of equality. It’s not entertainment; it’s “art,” however ugly, with an agenda.

Someone in my Bible class said Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter was her favorite character growing up. Because of Carter, who combined iconic beauty and strength, Wonder Woman may be second only to Superman in terms of legacy in American culture. How disappointed boys and girls would be if she were rebranded in the movies as a transgendered male. Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars they put into producing and marketing these movies, she’s probably safe from some social justice warrior’s revisionist pen. Miss Israel 2004 Gal Gadot looks positively cysfemale as Wonder Woman in this photo from the upcoming Batman v Superman.

As for Marvel, I suspect they’re forsaking their comics universe with female Thor et al. because they’re basically a movie production company that does comics on the side. They wouldn’t risk $1 billion-plus in ticket sales to queer Iron Man or Hulk in the next Avengers, but they would throw the LGBT mafia a bone, corrupting a comics division whose success is now ancillary to Marvel’s financial future. It’s a good strategy to keep activists busy and satisfied while reaping billions from the knuckle-dragging, heteronormative moviegoing public.

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