Thursday, February 19, 2015

Casual subjugation

That’s what Tom Gualtieri accused conservatives of in keeping marriage between man and woman. Of course any good law based on right and wrong ipso facto casually subjugates those who are irrationally drawn to do that which the law proscribes. That’s the nature of law and the lie of smiley-faced neutrality. Someone gets subjugated, and we’d prefer it not be those holding to the truth of the nature of man and marriage.

Such is not the case now, with the authorities driving out of business those who refuse to participate in their neighbors’ celebratory defilement. At Red State, editor Erick Erickson counts the number of people excommunicated for living the truth against which our libertine culture is at war, then pivots to justifying a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, like Arizona’s bill the NFL effectively killed by threatening to move the Superbowl to another state. Oddly, Erickson invites courts to adjudicate “sincere religious belief” in order to exempt Christians from full participation in the economy when it violates their conscience:

Gay rights advocates say a plurality of Americans support gay marriage so it should be so. An absolute majority of American support religious exceptions relating to providing goods and services to gay marriage. But gay rights advocates oppose that. The Supreme Court will undoubtedly impose gay marriage on the nation by June. State legislatures need to pass RFRA now to protect people of faith.

Rather than empowering judges to figure out what beliefs qualify, let’s just repeal the archaic 1964 Civil Rights Act and restore property rights and the right of free association. Even Rand Paul was for it before he was against it.

Erickson notes sort-of optimistically in another depressing piece:

Christians should, however, take heart. The faith that continued to flourish and spread while its adherents’ bodies were being used to light the streets of Rome will survive this present turmoil. At a minimum, Christians have more children than homosexuals.

He should have stuck with the treasures that await in heaven. The liberal project of obscuring truth in the natural order of the cosmos with technology and central planning is running at full speed. The “old way” of making babies is yielding to a new way, more equal, less binary, and less heteronormative. Everyone has access to billions of gametes to buy and trade and the legal right to use laboratories for extra-uterine gestation. Besides, any advantage in progeny can be undone, as the pink shirts under the auspices of health and safety can take children from their bigoted parents and reassign them to approved, politically correct foster homes.

Brave New World is here.

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