Friday, January 2, 2015

Year of rage

Jessica Valenti’s ingratitude and refusal to smile for others isn’t just her “authentic” self bursting the bubble of “phony” holiday cheer. It’s strategic in the fight for social justice.

So now, I present the top 6 ways to stay angry all the time to effect change:

  1. The first one’s easy: Covet! Compare yourself often with others who have what you want. Why do they enjoy what you lack? Why is anything the way it is, stymying your happiness, your fulfillment? Ask why this is so until your stomach aches and you can’t sleep.

  2. Take everything personally. Whether it helps you or hurts you, it should always be about you. Copernicus was only half right. You are the center of the universe.

  3. Jettison the past. Everyone who came before you was wrong. None of them had the knowledge that we now possess. If they weren’t disguising ulterior motives, they were ignorant of the fact that they were tools.

  4. Assume what’s good for you is good for everyone. Most people just don’t know it. The system may function nominally, but that’s because there’s not enough rage. They’ll agree with you after you’ve forced them to see the light.

  5. Expect it all. There’s nothing like a sense of entitlement to fuel demand for others to give you more of what you want for no reason. What you have is nothing compared to what you have yet to have. Also, unlearn patience. You want the world, and you want it delivered to your doorstep yesterday.

  6. Don’t give anybody anything. Giving brings joy, and joy salves anger. Besides, their gain is your loss. Life is a zero-sum game.

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