Saturday, January 24, 2015

The CPS are coming

From Massachusetts to Maryland to Arkansas to California, the authorities are coming to revoke your parental license. The Washington Post reports:

On Dec. 20, Alexander agreed to let the children, Rafi and Dvora, walk from Woodside Park to their home, a mile south, in an area the family says the children know well.


Alexander said he had a tense time with police on Dec. 20 when officers returned his children, asked for his identification and told him about the dangers of the world.

The more lasting issue has been with Montgomery County Child Protective Services, he said, which showed up a couple of hours after the police left.

Mary Anderson, a spokeswoman for CPS, said she could not comment on cases but that neglect investigations typically focus on questions of whether there has been a failure to provide proper care and supervision.


The Meitivs say that on Dec. 20, a CPS worker required Alexander to sign a safety plan pledging he would not leave his children unsupervised until the following Monday, when CPS would follow up. At first he refused, saying he needed to talk to a lawyer, his wife said, but changed his mind when he was told his children would be removed if he did not comply.

Following the holidays, the family said, CPS called again, saying the agency needed to inquire further and visit the family’s home. Danielle said she resisted.

“It seemed such a huge violation of privacy to examine my house because my kids were walking home,” she said.

This week, a CPS social worker showed up at her door, she said. She did not let him in. She said she was stunned to later learn from the principal that her children were interviewed at school.

And, via Arkansas Matters:

Stanley opened his door Monday afternoon to find a warrant waiting for him and his home surrounded by State and Garland County agents.

“It said we’re here to search your house,” Stanley explained.

Hal and his wife Michelle were kept outside for hours while officers searched the home with their seven children inside.


During the search the Stanleys say each child was taken to the ambulance on scene for a medical examination.

Hal explained, “They were saying the children looked healthy and everything looked good.”

According to Michelle one of the agents spoke to her about the living conditions of the house.

“Oh this is nice and your kids are great,” she shared. “That’s what was giving us hope that this thing’s just going to be over in a few minutes.”

At about 9:30 that night however, things changed.

“Suddenly the door opened ... and there were six or eight of them, came in the door, marched in there,” Hal showed. “Fully armed sheriffs and people stood there and said we’re taking the children for 72 hours.”

DHS won’t comment on, confirm or deny any particular investigation but did confirm that if children are taken, the agency has 72 hours to have an emergency order signed by a judge. The courts then have an additional five days to hold a probable cause hearing where the fate of the children will be decided.

As the children were removed from the home Hal and his wife Michelle say they emotionally asked who made the decision.

Hal said, “And finally a young man from the Sheriff's department raised his hand, ‘I did it and I’m proud of the decision’.”

The rest were just following orders.

Add Justina Pelletier to this list, and three’s a trend. The state giveth, and the state taketh away. By extending the “right” to have children to “qualified” singles, couples, threeples, etc. through the manipulation of the reproductive process by technology (see Brave New World), and by presuming through pseudo-objective assessments to know what’s in children’s best interests, they can determine who can have children and how many they can have. At the least they can make parenting decisions for you because they have vastly more knowledge and resources than you, as proven and justified by economies of scale. In short, the nanny state can’t micromanage the people with large traditional families allowed to go on as de facto micro states.

A natural reaction to these stories is to put them out of mind. It’s too painful and too jarring to consider something like this might actually happen to you—until it does happen to you and you’re caught unprepared.

If you’re not a consenting agent of the state in passing statist indoctrination to your children, they will harass you and threaten you until you do. The republic will be lost or saved for families based on the frequency of parents who answer the state’s ultimatum with the threat of violence and a willingness to follow through with it. The more people who stake their lives defending their families, the more frightened and restrained the government will be, and the better off the country will be.

Further reading: Brave New World future.”

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