Saturday, January 10, 2015

Filthy lucre

From tolerance of perversion to incentivizing it:

Federal agencies, organizations such as the National Football League and more than one-third of Fortune 500 companies are now trying to expand their vendor pools by explicitly encouraging bids from gay, lesbian and transgender contractors.

The little-known outreach efforts mirror long-standing “supplier diversity” initiatives aimed at creating economic opportunities for businesses owned by racial minorities, women and disabled veterans.

“It allows me to be even prouder of who I am,” said Luna, who hopes her firm, Aviva Spectrum, will benefit from a new California law requiring large utility companies to report how much they spend with LGBT contractors. “And it allows the marketplace to acknowledge a class that has been denied recognition as a minority group.”


Public agencies are prohibited under California law from using race, sex or ethnicity in the awarding of contracts, and the new law does not create any preferences or set-asides for LGBT-owned enterprises. Instead, state regulators will soon consider whether to set voluntary percentage targets for utilities such as Verizon, Pacific Gas & Electric and AT&T to meet.

The targets are “voluntary” until someone fails to meet them. Then he’ll be required to prove his homo- and transphilia to show his goodwill to the Pharisees. The arbiters of the new civility will dangle lucrative contracts as carrots at first. That won’t be enough to get some people to submit, though, so they’ll challenge their business licenses and sue them for discrimination.

To be certified as LGBT-owned, businesses qualify through a process overseen by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, a 12-year-old advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. Applicants must submit documents proving ownership and prove their lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual status through personal references or other evidence.

Who are these geniuses arbitrating what’s inside peoples’ minds? I’d love to sit in on those meetings.

Sexual categories are not clean-cut. Over the course of sexual development one transitions seamlessly from one attraction and one activity to the next.

In California, the NFL made history in November when the league and the nonprofit committee responsible for producing the 2016 Super Bowl invited gay-owned companies for the first time to a series of workshops where small suppliers heard about how they might cash in on the action. The game is scheduled to be played at the San Francisco 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara, California.

People of all kinds of “sexuality” have profited from doing business with the NFL. What’s new is the incentives to wear your bedroom proclivities on your sleeve, and the NFL’s shameless pandering under Commissioner Roger Goodell, who thrives on the approval of people he can never please.

By looking at who is paying whom for good PR and protection, one is able to discern the dominant and the submissive actors. The NFL and other big corporations hoard mammon to their detriment. Their timidity will end in their slippage into irrelevancy. The gay mafia and its offshoots worship radical individualism. They have the strength of faith on their side. It’s a false faith, but it is nonetheless powerful.

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