Thursday, January 22, 2015

$67 a month for garbage

In July 2013 I had to change my health insurance coverage through my employer to comply with Obamacare—or, if you prefer, the boondoggle-like Affordable Care Act (ACA). Now, thanks to the ministry of lies that is the combined Supreme Court jurisprudence and smothering nanny state, I have to add a plan “option” (which isn’t optional) by the end of this month or I’ll be at risk of being “taxed.” That means fined in regular English. (John Roberts, you sly dog! At least his horrible ruling paved the way for President Romney, am I right?)

This round of Obamacare mandates being foisted on employers wouldn’t be so bad if they replaced actual insurance. But they’re merely an expensive, gratuitous, sick person’s grocery list tacked on to the sufficient healthy young man’s insurance I already have, “providing” preventive screenings that I have no use for:

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Alcohol Misuse (I don’t drink)
  • Aspirin (I can get a bottle at HEB for $3)
  • Blood Pressure (I get it when I give blood)
  • Cholesterol
  • Colorectal Cancer (I’m 28)
  • Depression (I’m not)
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diet
  • HIV (I’m chaste)
  • Immunization
  • Obesity (I’m thin)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Tobacco Use (I don’t smoke)
  • Syphilis

All this for $67 a month, or $812 a year. Again, there’s no actual insurance in these mandatory coverages. If I get pinkeye, if I get an infection, they won’t help pay for my doctor’s visit or my prescription. My real insurance helps me with that.

The list is longer for women and children, and includes contraceptives, mammograms, and breastfeeding counseling. Add them to everything else I have no use for, and the conclusion one comes to is the individual mandate is a straight-up breathing tax. You pay in and get none of what you want. It’s like being forced to play the lottery with zero chance of winning.

Or imagine you’re buying a car, and before you drive it off the lot the dealership gives you 6 extra cup holders, satellite radio, a DVD player, and a rear-facing camera. “That’ll be $1,300 dollars,” the salesman says.

“That’s okay, I don’t want any of that,” you say.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter whether you want it or not,” the salesman says, smiling. “We’ll still charge you the same amount.”

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