Friday, December 12, 2014

Those crazy Catholic college students

It turns out the Fort Sam lockdown on November 23 was caused by a Saudi national on a student visa speeding through the base gate after he said he had a bomb. That image is a far cry from the impression of a “college student”/“San Antonio-area man” driving onto the base “without proper credentials,” as if he’d made a wrong turn.

The San Antonio Express-News provides the details:

Mutasim Abdul-Aziz H. Alati, 24, a citizen of Saudi Arabia who was here on visas, was not charged until last week for the Nov. 23 incident.

Base guards said he was nervous when he pulled up to the Harry Wurzbach Road gate and asked to see the “big guy.” When asked if he had anything in the car he said he had a bomb and sped through, prompting a four-hour lockdown, authorities allege.

Base officials released few details of the incident at the time, stating only that a local college student had been detained and released after he “attempted to access the installation without appropriate credentials.”

How is being a college student a more relevant detail than hailing from the same country as the 9/11 hijackers? His Saudi nationality and the bomb threat were known fairly early on, but the Army downplayed them. So the exact nature of what happened were scrubbed and sanitized for public consumption.

Does one wonder why, since the initial report was correct, the Army un-clarified it for us. This is the same Army that worried its diversity might be a casualty, in addition to the 13 murdered soldiers, of Nidal Hassan’s jihadist killing spree at Fort Hood. This is the politically correct bureaucracy that pulled the shades down over its own peoples’ eyes in discerning friend from foe.

Intelligence agencies have learned nothing since 9/11 about the natural, organic arousal of holy war against infidels in the Muslim world.

FBI agents looked into his background to make sure there were no terrorism ties; none were apparent.

Swell. We can sleep soundly knowing ISIS isn’t his visa sponsor. The University of Incarnate Word has expelled Alati. It’s worth asking how he came to attend a small Catholic university in the first place.

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