Monday, October 13, 2014

______ is my strength

Saturday, the future missus, my sister, and I went to Waco to watch the Baylor-TCU football game. I’d been looking forward all year to this matchup between my two favorite teams, and the anticipation was running high as they were both undefeated and ranked in the top 10. The game was an instant classic, a drawn-out slugfest, ending in a last-second field goal by the Bears to win 61-58.

But we almost didn’t get into the stadium. As we walked across the new pedestrian bridge over the Brazos River to McLane Stadium, I felt my pockets for the tickets, and they weren’t there. I swore I had put them in my pocket. We figured the only place they could be was the car. So I left the group and walked back to the car.

During that long walk downtown, I wondered whether the tickets truly were in the car, or if I’d lost them and the whole day was shot. I wondered if it was God’s plan for us to miss this game and scold me for putting too much stock in it. If so, I probably deserved it.

Part of God’s design is to make us wait longer than we want for the things we want. It’s His way of teaching us patience, that we ought not to sustain ourselves with fulfilling our wants and desires, but rather with spiritual food, the body of Christ. He wants us to put away our anxieties and concerns to seek Him.

Sometimes we lose perspective and base our spiritual happiness on circumstances we can’t control. For example, would I let my strength rest on the odds that I would find the tickets? Or would I trust in God no matter what happened, and accept my condition like Paul in Philippians 4? “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” I prayed for the latter more than I prayed to find the tickets.

As it turned out, they were sitting on the backseat, and we got to see the game after all. More important than that, though, was the reminder that Christ is my strength.

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