Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The parent-child relationship is the greatest natural bulwark against a totalitarian state. Ergo, progressives hate it. In a brave new world, “mom” and “dad” are bad words.

Kevin Williamson of National Review sees the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s recommendation to regulate the mental health treatment of home schoolers’ children for what it truly is: a rationalization for kidnapping. He writes:

If you have not followed the issue closely, it is probably impossible for you to understand how intensely the Left and the government-school monopoly hate, loathe, and distrust home-schooling and home-school families. Purportedly serious scholars such as Robin West of Georgetown denounce them as trailer trash living “on tarps in fields or parking lots” and write wistfully of the day when home-schooling was properly understood: “Parents who did so were criminals, and their kids were truants.” The implicit rationale for the heavy regulation of home-schooling—that your children are yours only at the sufferance of the state—is creepy enough; in fact, it is unambiguously totalitarian and reduces children to the status of chattel. That this is now being framed in mental-health terms, under the theory that Lanza might not have committed his crimes if he had had the benefit of the tender attentions of his local school authorities, is yet another reminder of the Left’s long and grotesque history of using corrupt psychiatry as a tool of politics.


The Left’s model of society is still the model of Marx and Bismarck: one big factory to be managed by experts. The government schools are an assembly line for human widgets, who are in theory there to be taught what the state requires them to know in order to fulfill their roles as workers, administrators, and other bits of human machinery. That is the assumption behind President Obama’s insistence that “if you quit on school, you’re not just quitting on yourself—you’re quitting on your country.” Students are also there to be instructed in the official, unspoken state ideology: submission to official power.

The Left’s organizing principle is control, and the possibility that children might commonly be raised outside of its control matrix is an existential threat from the progressive point of view. Institutions such as free markets and free speech terrify progressives, because they are the result of arrangements in which nobody is in control.

That’s where libertarian-minded folk like Williamson lose the plot. Progressives are not against liberty per se. They are against righteousness. A people with the liberty to gamble, smoke pot, abort their children, and marry and divorce each other freely—and do so—are not righteous before God. They are weakened in their flesh. They are divided against themselves and each other and, thus, they are easily overpowered by the state.

“Arrangements in which nobody is in control” can work in progressives’ favor. They are nowhere near as frightening as arrangements in which God is in control, leading the people in His service.

You didn’t actually believe pot was harmless, did you?

A definitive 20-year study into the effects of long-term cannabis use has demolished the argument that the drug is safe.

Cannabis is highly addictive, causes mental health problems and opens the door to hard drugs, the study found.

It destroys ambition and weakens the will to stand against injustice and tyranny, too.

This study won’t change anyone’s mind because it was common sense all along. Everyone knows smoking pot turns you into a giggling dunderhead. Escaping the mind has always been its appeal.

No matter the truth to the pursuit to self-defile. The will to control our bodies against our nature as fallen sons of God will carry on heedless, its devotees confident in the belief they may do to themselves what they will and they’re responsible to no one.

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