Monday, September 15, 2014

Dead man commissioning

The social justice warriors are calling for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign. His crime is not performing down to the extremely low bar set by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continued his push to show the league is taking domestic violence and sexual assault matters seriously, announcing in a letter to teams and staff members Monday morning four women will help shape the league's policies going forward.

Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s vice president of community affairs and philanthropy, will now be in an expanded role as vice president of social responsibility.

The more Goodell shows his willingness to cave, the louder the screams for his resignation will get.

It is one of life’s sweetest ironies to hear Keith Olberman—a Leftist first and sports analyst second—call Goodell “an enabler of men who beat women.” Goodell has spent his stint as commissioner sucking the toes of regressives like Olbermann to avoid being saddled with such idiotic epithets.

Goodell has invested a lot of the NFL’s capital in making it PC-friendly: concussions, breast cancer awareness, the farcical Lauren Silberman tryout, opposition to Arizona SB1062, Riley Cooper, Michael Sam, etc. He’s courted the pinko powers for years, consistently betraying the fan base to expand the NFL to people who would use it as a political front. Today’s game is more popular and more lucrative than ever. He’s not going to let a 7th-year running back in Baltimore jeopardize that.

Which is why I’m certain Goodell didn’t see the video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancĂ©e before the whole world did on September 8. If he had, he would have run to a microphone like his hair was on fire to bathe in Ray Rice’s tears. Goodell’s instinct—his fatal flaw—is to wring his hands to save face.

The important fact that came to light September 8 was not that Rice knocked out Janay Palmer. Everyone already knew that. It was that he baited her into fighting him by spitting in her face. Ergo, he instigated the fight.

The facts, as Goodell understood them in July when he handed down Rice’s 2-game suspension, were that Rice and Janay Palmer got into a fight and he knocked her out. As the football season approached, without knowing who started the fight, Goodell was forced into the awkward position of meting out “justice” when true justice based on the available evidence would have been to do nothing.

But to the interests that Goodell allowed to define his legacy, hitting a girl for any reason is a capital offense. They wanted Rice’s head regardless of whether he started the fight. Anything short of expulsion was not enough to sate their bloodlust. They feel threatened that a man will hit back because of the advantage the option of hitting back gives men. This is why feminists paradoxically make appeals to chivalry.

These people are true believers and have no qualms about cannibalizing their own for the cause. Goodell opened the door wide open for them, and they rushed in and are now pushing him out. That’s gratitude.

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