Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Better to be switched than abandoned

Charles Barkley appeared on NFL Today ostensibly to discuss Adrian Peterson and child abuse. But to host Jim Rome, spanking is child abuse. The segment became a referendum on parenthood.

“I think those pictures [of the child] are disturbing,” Barkley said. “And I think Adrian said, ‘I went overboard.’ But as far as being from the South, we all spanked our kids—I got spanked, me and my two brothers—”

Rome: “But then, Chuck, not now, right? 1964 is one thing, 2014 is another. Maybe we need to rethink this thing.”

Barkley replied, “And I totally agree with that. But I think we have to really be careful trying to teach other parents how to discipline their kids. That’s a very fine line.”

It’s a line liberals don’t recognize. The progress they pine for does not allow parents to raise their children with their values. Abuse is a pretext to empower the state to take custody of the child. But, since the legal system is slow to “reform,” they have innovated culturally. George Lukacs showed them the way: Seduce children with smut and vice to get them to betray their parents.

Peterson went too far in switching his son so hard he left open wounds on his body. He admitted as much in texts to his wife. But he shouldn’t be prosecuted for it. And his son shouldn’t be taken away from him, which is usually the outcome of these cases.

Personal tragedy tends to follow Peterson, whose feral rutting has left a trail of social work cases from Texas to the Upper Midwest. Liberals are mute on that subject. After all, they promote it.

Erica Syion, the mother of one of Peterson’s kids, told TMZ last year that the former Oklahoma standout actually has seven kids.

The total includes a baby girl born last year who lives with her mother in Minnesota. It also includes both of the sons Peterson is accused of abusing, along with Adrian Jr. whose mother is Peterson’s wife, and Tyrese Robert Doohen, the boy who died last year.

Peterson didn’t even know the 2 year-old Tyrese existed before he was beaten to death by the mother’s boyfriend.

Serial neglect of his children aside, Peterson takes discipline of the children he wants very seriously.

“Deep in my heart, I have always believed I could have been one of those kids that was lost in the streets without the discipline instilled in me by my parents and other relatives.”

Peterson comes from a broken home himself, but he had help. He can’t guarantee the same for the children he’s fathered out of wedlock.

P.S.: Liberals are energized by imagining they live in a time only recently removed from the horrible prejudices and oppression of the unenlightened past. But it is interesting that Jim Rome chose 1964 as a year in which horrible things like spanking were permitted in America. Most liberals think things started to turn around in that decade, beginning with contraceptives in 1960 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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