Friday, August 22, 2014

I pledge allegiance...

Western Islam is ISIS in metastasis.

“Every Muslim uses that black flag. You’ll find it in any mosque in world.” –New Jersey Muslim Mark Dunaway

What is America’s response to ISIS sympathizers who bear the flag of persecution and genocide? From the authorities: fecklessness. From the politically correct commentariat: Support for Islamic conquest and the totalitarian sharia state is held up as an example of tolerance and diversity.

Contrary to the demonstrably false popular theory that all cultures were created equal, this is a sign of weakness. Liberals shrug and say that’s free speech, that’s free exercise—as if stating your allegiance to an aggressive foreign entity falls within the bounds of civil rights.

Flying a Confederate flag is another matter. Religious allegiance to an enemy of America is vibrant. Racial allegiance to a region within America must be rooted out.

President Obama didn’t identify ISIS as “Islamic” or “Muslim” once in his remarks on August 18, or in his remarks about James Foley on August 20. He called them extremists and their ideology hateful and bankrupt. But he didn’t name the ideology. In fact, he sought to dissociate ISIS from Islam: “[ISIS] speaks for no religion.”

Belied by what is known of Islam’s prior conquests, especially in its early years. Obama said ISIS has no place in the 21st century, implying the modern world had left such barbarism in the Dark Ages. Islam brought on the Dark Ages.

Obama’s denial isn’t a coincidence. It’s rhetoric specifically designed to ignore the truth of what motivates the enemy, in order to:

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