Saturday, August 9, 2014

Compassion and appeasement

There’s no civil war wracking Central America that’s forcing refugees up through Mexico into the United States. These are illegal immigrants. To subvert the country’s laws and foist responsibility for millions of people on the American public is insane, from a logical point of view. But logic is not operative in this case.

This is a quote for the ages. It is a rationalization for open borders and the dissolution of the republic by migratory osmosis:

“These are not somebody else’s kids, these are our kids. These are the children that lift the national ambitions of each of these countries aloft. And it is a tragedy for countries who are losing them and for us not being able to solve every one of their problems.” –Vice President Joe Biden

There’s no place for Biden’s bleeding heart in setting policy. If indeed these are kids, where will they stay? FEMA camps? Super-sized kibbutzim? Children need parents, not daycare centers. Where will the parents come from? Who will provide for them so they don’t go on the government dole?

Compassion is what you show someone who asks for help. When they give you no choice, it’s appeasement.

Rep. Steve King admirably debated a couple of illegal immigrants/political activists, which is more than they deserve, being without political standing. Tellingly, Senator Rand Paul fled the scene before the confrontation really got going. King’s truth-telling doesn’t fit Paul’s brand of pandering outreach.

This is not the same Rand Paul who electrified the country with a filibuster on the Senate floor about domestic drones. This is a man who shies away from losing a vote.

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