Friday, June 27, 2014

Warm fuzzies

Of course John Scalzi wrote a favorable blurb for Tobias Buckell’s ideological, poorly written Arctic Rising. They serve the same master—and I don’t mean Tor Books.

Here’s Scalzi on Wednesday’s same-sex marriage double-whammy:

Yay! Same sex marriages begin in Indiana and the 10th Circuit Court punts Utah’s ban as unconstitutional, a decision that as I understand it has implications for all the states in the circuit! I’m not gonna lie, I like being on the right side of history on this one, and it’s all happening much quicker than I would have suspected—which means still too slow but even so.

History isn’t linear. Declaring oneself on the “right side” of it at any time is short-sighted. Christianity was on the wrong side of history, until Constantine. Napoleon was on the right side of history, until Waterloo.

Wasn’t Socrates on the wrong side of history? He was executed a thousand years before his legacy took off. History’s verdict was little comfort to him as poison slowly crept through his body towards his heart.

Shallow men revel in how they’re remembered. Real men revel in doing right and good. Unraveling the social institution that men and women have relied on for thousands of years to raise families in is not right or good. Where marriage culture is weak, social dysfunction reigns and children suffer for want of their parents’ fidelity. The only upside of marriage redefinition is the warm fuzzies it gives Scalzi et al.

Imagine the warm fuzzies Aaron must have felt when he told the Israelites yes, they could worship the golden calf; or the Grand Inquisitor when he removed the Christians’ burden to answer the call of the cross. Personal rewards abound for the one with low expectations for his fellow man, while fellow man falls short of his destiny. Better to have never tried than tried and failed, am I right?

In times of choosing, giving people what they want is the easy way out. Give people what they want, and bask in their sedate gratitude. Give them what they need, wise instruction, and bear their wrath.

The “right side of history” is vanity, plain and simple.

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