Thursday, June 12, 2014

Platform “purists”

These two articles appeared next to each other on the News Radio 1200 WOAI website.

First: “Open Rebellion in Texas GOP Over Extremist Party Platform.” Dallas lawyer/Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba ridicules Texas Republicans’ “extremism,” especially on illegal immigration. He agrees with serial panderer Rand Paul that “we gotta get past deportation.”

“It is clear to me that if we seek to win the future Hispanic vote, we should at least be cordial to our neighbors from the south,” Villalba wrote. “Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in Texas. If we are unable to win a significant proportion of the future Hispanic vote, our Grand Old Party is only a few election cycles away from perishing in Texas.”

This would distress a party man. To folks to whom parties are a tool to inflict political will, it’s not distressing in the least.

We can’t follow the law and deport illegal aliens because it would offend... whom? Non-voting illegal aliens? Law-abiding Hispanics? Liberals? Vallalba belongs in the Democratic Party, the natural choice for Dallas lawyers.

Villalba expanded on his claims, saying he ‘can’t understand’ how the Texas Republican Party got to this point.

“It just became clear to me that we are beginning to lose the party of Reagan, and become something much different, and I thought that was reason enough to really step out and say something about what I see happening, he said.

Reagan told his trusted advisor Ed Meese the 1986 amnesty was the biggest mistake of his presidency.

Villalba quoted a famous line from President Reagan to blast those with ‘rigid and regressive’ political positions. He pointed out that Reagan once said that politics involves ‘making sure that your 80% friend doesn’t become your 20% enemy.’

But on that 20 percent, someone has to yield. It shouldn’t be Republican tactics to arbitrarily yield fights ahead of time, John Boehner’s House speakership aside.

Among Texas Republicans’ sins is endorsing reparative therapy for gays, which Chris Christie outlawed in New Jersey, to Paul Singer’s delight. Only on the assumption that homosexuality is okay is therapy for gays controversial. Our society has no trouble calling alcoholism bad and any road to recovery from alcoholism good. Alcoholics are no less “born that way” than other sin lobbies, they’re just politically disorganized.

Next: “Evangelical Hispanic Christians to Push for Immigration Reform.” This article reveals Vallalba was projecting the wrong way on his “80/20” lecture. It’s actually pro-amnesty groups who administer litmus tests on Republican candidates.

The Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which has been very active in pro-life and so-called ‘Promise Keepers’ movements, the foundation of conservative Christian evangelism, says it will push its parishioners to get active in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

“We will not vote for a candidate who is not supportive of comprehensive immigration reform,” The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who heads the HCLC, told 1200 WOAI news.

“Reform” telegraphs to Mexico and Central America that de facto American citizenship is up for grabs. “Reform” entices families to split up on the off chance they’ll be reunited in America. “Reform” means America assimilating to foreigners, not the other way around. “Reform” depresses wages.

None of this is compassionate, but this is the way of the bleeding heart. Enforcement would go a long way towards preventing the humanitarian crisis in South Texas. Instead of giving illegal alien children a one-way ticket home, Attorney General Eric Holder wants to give them pro bono legal representation:

“How we treat those in need, particularly young people who must appear in immigration proceedings—many of whom are fleeing violence, persecution, abuse, or trafficking—goes to the core of who we are as a nation.” –Eric Holder, June 6, 2014

What he doesn’t tell you is most of said abuse occurs en route to America, in the possession of drug runners moonlighting as human traffickers.

President Obama and Holder stage photo ops at the White House with illegal aliens, but the social carnage their policies create don’t affect their ivory towers in Chicago and D.C.

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