Monday, May 12, 2014

Self, weaponized

There is a virus in the modern world deadlier than HIV: the self, weaponized. People high on self-esteem push their sin on others with no presumption of humility or imperfection. The forces of darkness use these people to defeat the forces of light.

The easiest way to jeopardize your career, your standing in the world, is to call homosexual behavior a sin. Read: “Brothers Yanked By HGTV Respond: ‘If Our Faith Costs Us A TV Show, Then So Be It.’” Even more surreal: “Dolphins fine and suspend player for tweeting negative comment about Michael Sam.” The extraordinary exception being made for Sam in as checkered a talent pool as NFL players shows how deeply committed to protecting their fiefdom from the gay mafia Roger Goodell and the owners are. Belief in the incorruptible self is a prerequisite for admittance onto the football field.

After Sam’s “historic” ascendance to 7th-round draft pick by the St. Louis Rams and the powers’ vulgar exultation of his sexuality, nothing related to Jesus’ promises of establishing His kingdom on earth has changed. The worst reaction is to become jaded, to stop feeling revulsion at sin, for it is in continuing to tell the truth of Jesus’ ministry that Christians give the fallen a little hope to be saved.

I believe God is using the forces of darkness as His winnowing fork. God shines brightest in the darkest darkness. Without the Nazi genocide, there would have been no Dietrich Bonhoeffer, no Irene Opdyke. To remain firm in the faith under pressure to conform is the most effective testimony one can make. Those who truly belong to Him will resist the worldly influence being exerted on them to embrace passivity and acceptance of sin. The rest await judgment.

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