Saturday, May 3, 2014

One Auschwitz per year

“What do you say we lighten things up and talk about abortion?” –Bill Hicks

I can believe this asinine statement at “If abortion were used as a primary method of birth control, a typical woman would have at least two or three pregnancies per year—30 or more during her lifetime.” Assuming sexual behavior would not change if contraceptives were taken away betrays a stunning ideological blind spot. Pro-choicers can’t imagine women preferring chastity over the elevated risk of pregnancy. They think the sexual revolution permanently changed human nature. It didn’t. Like breathing bottled oxygen on Mt. Everest, it just incentivizes more risk taking.

In 1973, the year of Roe v. Wade, 19 percent of pregnancies ended in abortion. Over the next 8 years, the abortion rate ratcheted up to 30 percent, and it has since fallen steadily to 21 percent as of 2011.

While it is encouraging that the abortion rate has fallen from its peak by nearly a third, the number of abortions is still high: 1,060,000 in 2011, down from 1,429,000 in 1990. By comparison, an estimated 1,100,000 Jews died in Auschwitz.

Jill Filipovic reports on a different holocaust happening in Texas. Abortion clinics are being killed off by the dozen.

In 2011, 44 clinics performed abortions in Texas. Today, there are 19—and fewer by the day. When additional regulations go into effect in September, there will be six, maybe seven. That handful of clinics will serve a state of 13 million women with the largest rural population in the United States, in a country where one in three women has an abortion in her lifetime.

But back to the dictionary. Under US law, states may pass and enforce abortion regulations so long as they don’t place an “undue burden” on women seeking the procedure. The definition of “undue burden”, however, is rapidly expanding, as courts seem to take the position that almost nothing is “undue” when it comes to burdening women who need to end their pregnancies.

“Need” is a relative term. Few women’s lives, definitely fewer than a third, are endangered by pregnancy.

I have a two-pronged strategy to reduce the “undue burden” of having to drive 4 hours to kill your lifeless clot of cells. Controlling for other factors, these recommended sexual habits will reduce demand for abortions by 91 percent:

  1. Get married before getting pregnant. Eighty-three percent of women who get abortions aren’t married.

  2. Don’t have sex unless you want to get pregnant. Half of women who get abortions are let down by contraceptives.

Because the strategy amounts to having less sex, these are the last things the women’s liberation movement wants. The whole industry relies on doing whatever you want and avoiding the consequences. Nothing stamps out freedom like responsibility for a life.

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