Monday, March 10, 2014

Rock of help

The greatest measure of love is time, which none of us have enough of.

Seventeen seasons and counting Tim Duncan has given to the San Antonio Spurs. Since 2004, Duncan has been my favorite athlete. I still say half-jokingly I want to be like Tim Duncan when I grow up. He turns 38 next month. The end of a great career is nigh.

Chris Itz shares his insight into Duncan’s greatness at Spurs blog Pounding the Rock:

Tim’s one of the greatest teammates of all-time. He’s never said a bad word about a teammate, never once thrown someone under the bus. He’s always there at the end of games, high-fiving and head-patting the fellas, always the last one off the court. When he’s had the night off he’s been the team’s biggest cheerleader, constantly cheering and shouting words of encouragement to the guys. When the Spurs clinched the Western Conference last season, the team wasn’t happiest they were going to the Finals, they were happiest because Timmy was. His teammates love him, and he has always made everyone on the court with him better. Just how much is that worth?

You can’t measure the exponential benefits of giving, how it increases value in those around you and in yourself at the same time. It’s true in economics, it’s true of teammates, and it’s true of fellowship.

What makes A Christmas Carol unforgettable? Ebenezer Scrooge—whose name in Hebrew means “rock of help”—is shown by three ghosts his past, present, and future. At the end, he is shown his grave. Struck by his barren, bitter legacy, the harrowing experience converts him. He dies to himself and is reborn a helper, a giver.

Scrooge uses his wealth to perform works of generosity in the community. More important than his donations, though, are his time, his energy, his attention. By giving of himself, Scrooge acquires more riches than he ever could have hoped to gain as a relentless pursuer of mammon. His love multiplies and reflects back on him many times over in the tight bonds he forges with his neighbors. God’s blessings shine through his selflessness.

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