Monday, March 3, 2014

Duh, winning!

The big winners of feminism are rich, powerful men. Alpha males have the pick of the litter, and since feminism liberated them from sex with consequences, they have as many picks as they want. Who do you think the losers are?

Robin Thicke got “twerked” on by someone other than his wife at the VMAs and was cheered. His soon-to-be ex-wife Paula Patton: loser.

In the White House, Bill Clinton cheated with a woman’s half his wife’s age, lied about it under oath, was impeached, and he’s a superstar. Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton: losers.

Adrian Petersen fathered multiple children out of wedlock and received sympathy from around the NFL when one of them was murdered. The child’s mother, who was dating the murderer: loser.

Egomaniac drug addict Charlie Sheen shares custody of his two kids with ex-wife Denise Richards and his porn-star girlfriend. He’s living the dream. Meanwhile, Denise Richards: loser.

Without his worldly wealth and popularity, Sheen would be a sad, depraved man, a social case. They all are, but he is the most visible and the most boorish.

Everyone needs boundaries. Money and fame have a way of knocking them down. Too few have dared to tell these men “no.” It’s a symptom shared by our libertine culture. The difference between “yes” and “no” isn’t ethical, it’s a matter of personal taste. To most questions regarding the discarding of cultural and ethical boundaries, the initial instinct is to answer “why not?” Only stodgy puritans say “no.” It’s difficult to take answers of “no” seriously when liberal government so ardently tries to mollify the desires of all, to secure so-called rights to “ever-more fully pursue the variety of ways of life to which the citizenry is entitled,” as Patrick Deneen writes.

Men want women for sexual congress and will take it if given freely. Men need women because women humanize and civilize them. Women are not only the “fairer sex,” they are by nature the more virtuous sex. Women who embrace this part of their nature and who know how to say “no” make honest men out of bachelors, who left on their own have an objectifying, rapacious spirit.

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