Saturday, March 1, 2014

Don’t blame the victim, blame a feminist

Feelings are in want of validation at the University of Iowa. The Atlanta Journal-Consitution reports:

Some students are upset by language in the university’s warning emails that they say put too much emphasis on the victims and not enough on perpetrators. The emails typically included tips to prevent being sexually assaulted such as avoiding binge drinking and walking home alone, protesters said.

“It was like, ‘If you don’t do those things, well, then you kinda had it coming,’” said Stacia Scott, a 21-year-old senior who is a leader of the student protests. “Students reached this breaking point where we said, ‘enough is enough.’”

Binge drinking is a human right for college students. That it might lead to immoral, criminal behavior—well, that’s beside the point.

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. The following is a public service announcement to college women: To college men, a drunk girl at a party or in a crowded bar is an opportunity. Not all of them will take it, but at some point one will. It just takes one.

If you leave your iPod in plain sight in an unlocked car, you’re not surprised when you come back and find it stolen. Parking lot signs say to secure your personal belongings. There’s no protest against blaming the victim. Common sense prevails.

Why doesn’t it prevail at the University of Iowa? Because in the former situation, the zeitgeist of equality, the cause to which we have bent and distorted civilization, is not threatened.

Suffice it to say women do not look at men the same way men look at women. There is much less chance he is sexually accosted while jogging alone at night than she is. Feminists and those on whom they’ve slipped the testicle collar reject this reality because it intrudes on equality dogma. Anything he can do she can do better, but she can’t defend herself on the quad after midnight? The iniquity must be rectified and nature brought to heel.

Perverts and rapists know what they’re doing is bad. Laws are already in place to deal with them after the fact. Prevention is best left to civil society.

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