Saturday, February 1, 2014


In this article in the Tampa Bay Times, a double standard in the infanticide regime becomes painfully obvious.

Women get abortions all the time. According to the powers, when she gets an abortion, it isn’t murder. Her body, her choice, the rationalization hamster says.

John Andrew Welden killed his girlfriend’s unborn baby by secretly slipping her an abortion drug. He will spend the next 14 years in prison.

Why? Because his girlfriend decided she was carrying a life in her womb? Because she conferred humanity on part of her body?

“I’m plagued with remorse and regret for the horrible actions I’ve committed which led to this day,” the fertility doctor’s son said before the judge imposed sentence. “And what I’ve done will stay with me every day for the rest of my life no matter what happens today or the day after.”

I wish abortion seekers were so contrite!

If Welden’s girlfriend had killed the baby herself, the “justice” system would not have blinked an eye. But he, who is held equally responsible for the child by the courts, didn’t have a choice.

Let’s say she had the baby, they broke up down the road, and she sued him for child support. Why should Welden pay? She wanted the baby. Why should he be held responsible for her decision? Simple: His money, her choice.

Civil law has kept pace with the women’s pro-choice movement. It has some catching up to do on the men’s side of the equation.

When it does, children will be unwanted, the pesky side effect of our rutting. The state will supplant mom and dad. The only reason it hasn’t yet is that Big Mother hasn’t corrupted the people enough to siphon away the social-sexual drive to want children—at least, not completely.

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