Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Narcissism neutered

Narcissism ordinance update:

Last fall, top [San Antonio] officials, including Mayor Castro, lobbied loud and hard for an expansion of the city’s Non Discrimination Ordinance to protect gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals. But, now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the supporters of the gay and lesbian community have all written campaign checks, the lawyer for the first person to file a complaint under the new expanded NDO says the city was a lot more concerned about talking the talk than about walking the walk.

This is happening on the national scene, too. Bills are brought up to polarize the electorate and bolster the narrative, then they are effectively neutered by invincible bureaucrats to set the stage for the next heroic “civil rights” confrontation. LGBT equality—whatever that looks like to utopian fanatics—was not their goal, it was to squeeze “equality” for all the political juice it was worth.

As I said, this was a political power play by Julian Castro. Like Wendy Davis, Castro has no future in state politics. His only ticket out of Texas onto the national scene is to get the next Democratic presidential nominee to notice him.

“We don’t even know the rules and the process,” attorney Matthew Hileman told 1200 WOAI news. “In spite of three requests for a meeting just to discuss the rules, not to discuss the substance of the complaint, we have still not received a response.”

There is only one rule in this game: There are no rules. Sexual orientation and gender identity don’t exist. They are a grab bag of trump cards. Any perceived workplace slight against someone for being awkward can be answered with an expensive and humiliating lawsuit. What business wants to go through that? The mayor partially sold the ordinance on the argument that businesses considering moving to San Antonio wanted a progressive business culture. What a joke.

Castro and his stooges on the city council didn’t think their policy through—not that thinking was ever their strong suit. As Thomas Sowell would say, they fell victim to stage one thinking. Now a judge will have to force the city to reckon with the absurd logic of its own ordinance.

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