Monday, December 30, 2013

Military pension sequester

2013 was a bad year for one-time vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Let’s review:

He whored illegal immigration amnesty in the name of long-term economic potency. Corporations’ need for cheap labor comes first, the rule of law second—or maybe not at all.

Preluding a 2015 call for “truce” on the definition on marriage, in 2013 Ryan’s position on adoption “evolved”: he now supports any unstable, nonmarital relationship as fertile ground for childrearing. Actually, his position evolved some years ago, but he waited until 2013 to announce it because he didn’t want to be held accountable by voters in 2012.

In budget negotiations with Democratic Senator Patty Murray, Ryan gave away half of the dread federal budget sequester. These are the same sequester cuts that were so horrible, the rate of GDP growth increased steadily since the cuts were implemented, from 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 to 4.1 percent in the third quarter of 2013.

Ryan’s faults are many; however, stiffing military veterans is not one of them.

When federal spending outstrips revenue by a trillion dollars per year, there are no sacred cows. Promises must be broken, contracts must be renegotiated, or the system will collapse and all will suffer no matter how responsibly they planned ahead.

Pension crises plague every level of government. Officials, bargaining with money that wasn’t theirs, struck back-loaded contracts with employees that delayed the pain of retirement funding far enough into the future that they could avoid responsibility. Avoiding responsibility is the motivation of the debt-happy governing class.

The Right’s caterwauling at military pension cuts sounds like the Left’s screams anytime Social Security or Medicare reforms are brought up, except there is less sanctimony in America about getting old. Veterans deserve compensation, not infantilization, which is the devil’s bargain big government loves to make. Where is the soldier’s honor and the pride of service? Did he volunteer for the benefits, like the dweebs in In the Army Now?

Do those flinging impassioned, hyperbolic arguments support increasing military pensions? If not, pray tell, why do they disrespect veterans?

It’s the same sad story of failed socialism: Government seduces voters with goodies, then betrays them when the check comes due. People bought once have nothing to bargain with.

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