Thursday, September 19, 2013

Only one reason

Did video games make Aaron Alexis murder 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard?

Did porn make Ariel Castro kidnap and rape three women?

Both media objectify human beings, stripping them of their souls. Video games put virtual antagonists between the player and his objective. Enhanced graphics and gameplay make quick killing of them visceral and realistic. Their existential function is to be gotten out of the way by the cleverest and most efficient means possible.

Porn presents women as objects from which to derive immediate gratification. Her human and feminine qualities are reduced to the varying degrees of sexual friction her body offers to the viewer’s imagination. The womb, the central organ of her sex, is out of sight and out of mind. Orgasm, not the creation of new life in love, is the climax.

Neither of these is good food for men, especially not in their formative years. But to blame them for men’s crimes is fallacy. It diminishes the will of men who choose every day to not cave to their carnal instincts.

There are a hundred different reasons men do evil things. One reason they all have in common is they chose to do evil. They are responsible.

If you look into the pasts of everyone you know, you will find reasons those people should have become murderers or rapists, reasons indistinguishable from the profiles of actual murderers and rapists. The difference is they chose to not become one. Aaron Alexis and Ariel Castro did.

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