Thursday, August 29, 2013

Show us the beast

Thrill seekers descend on the zoo, panting, breathless
They press against the cage of the newest exhibit
A feral spectacle promising wonders endless
Wild animals that no human structures inhibit
’Cept bars of glitter harm to the crowd prohibit
Orgasmic their chants ever rise, have never ceased
“Give us a show of flesh, show us the beast!”

Tamers count silver, await the scheduled hour
To open the door to sate the mob’s mad craving
For brute flesh, for rough edges with which to scour
Their souls, their consciences, things not worth saving
Themselves they project into the cage depraving
Mouths dripping strain toward the wanton feast
Thrilling to imbibe the lustful, backward beast

Animals freed, likeness of men they adopt
Inundate senses senseless with rhythm and friction
Concave on convex, like debauch onto art, propped
Masters of their servants, whose mastery a fiction
For they’re the ones controlled, contrary to conviction
An impulse, retrograde, of the most makes least
What’s left of man stinking sign of the ravenous beast

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