Monday, August 12, 2013

Intellect we acclaim

Dearest, fairest Intellect, we acclaim
Thine virtue outshines all that went before Thee
Setting minds, striving outward, bright aflame

So hot, Thou melt our chains, therefore free
From forebears into oneness we transcend
Nature, dread birthright, through Thine agency

Faith in creation we no more pretend
A gloomy disorder on our souls impress
Duty to which betrays one unenlightened

Prithee, ideal Maiden, don’t let us recess
Out of our minds into the world of flawed men
To a frail ethos holding up Progress

Bestowing value together we begin
In our own image to remold these objects
What’s left over we’ll not hear from again

Is there not a more dangerous—and universal—pathology than man’s need to place himself at the center of the universe, and reorder all of creation around him? It goes beyond the creative impulses that compel us to refine the elements into useful products and property. It is hubris.

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