Friday, June 14, 2013


After 2012, a conundrum
GOP brass issues a dictum:
“We’re too old and pasty,” they say
“With latinos we must make headway
To cure our electoral adversity
Drink this elixir of diversity”

From different cultures, different folks
Partial to big government yokes
The truth they do not understand
So white wrist slashing on demand
Foul, obsequious apologies
To emotions at fault appease?
Hardened hearts don’t assimilate
Envies stoked produce an ingrate
But!: outreach, outreach, outreach
Fools efface as opposed to teach

Enter stage right Marco Rubio
Ostensibly a tea party hero
Of limited government he sings
To thrill and vex both wings
Rhetorical gifts sublime
A man tailormade for his time
To bridge the cultural divide
A one-way road to the wrong side
To sound principle once devout
The practiced salesman sells out

Nothing’s wrong with being wrong
The new majority’s harvest song
Fruit of the past greedily consumed
Seeds and all, next season doomed

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