Monday, June 10, 2013


“Every student should feel safe at their graduation ceremony and should not have to worry about religious bullying,” said the atheist. The “bullying” in question? The valedictorian recited the Lord’s Prayer at a high school graduation ceremony.

“It’s more important to them to push around an 18 year-old than it is to make the school a safe space for its students,” said the transgendered teen. There’s nothing quite as threatening as your given name being read aloud at graduation.

Not long ago, such a combination of egotism and hypersensitivity was satirized in comic depictions of royalty. Now, it’s a cocktail prescription for political domination.

The fool and his pet cause are inseparable. He has so wrapped himself in his ideology that anything that does not affirm said ideology is a threat to his personhood. In the name of “safety,” he seeks every accommodation, including his opponents’ silence.

Where are the champions of multiculturalism now? Where are their invectives against insensitivity to opposing views?

Their silence betrays their true motives. The goal never was tolerance. It was always to undermine our culture and replace it with something new, something contrary to the Judeo-Christian heritage that freed men from tyranny and respected his place in the natural order.

The president likes to blame the slow economy on “headwinds” like the so-called Arab Spring and the Japanese tsunami. The real headwinds are the fatally flawed premises of the new culture, which he heralds as “fundamental transformation.”

This transformation is already complete. Read the above quotes again. The prideful atheist and the transgendered hold court, bringing the adherents of the old order to heel. The schools, the media, the communities they supposedly are members of—they have no answer. None. At least, none that makes sense anymore.

Much of our present-day success is the result of tailwinds, the rapidly waning momentum of the past. When that energy is used up, we will suffer the full consequences of change.

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