Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advantage Miss Utah

A pretty girl gives a garbled answer at a beauty pageant Q&A, and what follows is a display of even greater vanity. The intelligentsia piles on the tongue-tied maiden, smugly congratulating themselves. Brains best beauty again, so it goes. A killer dress and a pound of makeup can’t hide a lack of ability to think on one’s feet. Take a knockout outside her comfort zone and she falls from a Bo Derek 10 to a Roseanne Barr 2, like getting a Lamborghini stuck in the mud.

Contrary to what the brainy set wishes were true, beauty almost always commands more sexual energy than brains (see Kamala Harris). Melissa Powell’s femininity and poise will do more things for her than high IQ will do for most other people. The qualities she displayed at the Miss USA pageant are all she needs to attract a rich, successful man to worship the ground she walks on. And since marriage is a big part of leading a full, happy life, I say advantage Marissa Powell. She is getting the most out of the gifts God gave her.

The same cannot be said about the people snarking. If they were secure enough in their superiority, they wouldn’t need to make themselves look good by painting Marissa Powell as an idiot. They put their ugliness on display, and it’s not the outer sort.

What’s really going on here is an effort to find supporting evidence for a bias that women in beauty pageants are stupid — and the media are happily jumping on one instance of a clumsy, misspoken answer as confirmation.” –P. Z. Myers

I’ve read oodles of articles and books on the subject of men’s underachievement in the modern family. It’s impossible to summarize the problem in 30 seconds, much less provide any real perspective. It’s even harder when you don’t know beforehand what the question is going to be about, and your cheeks are burning from smiling so much, and techno elevator music is playing in the background. Candidates for president are under less pressure.

Lost in Powell’s hurried answer is the kernel of truth that there is a gap between the American education apparatus and the jobs employers need to fill. Men are falling behind. Women want men who lead. Our society has gotten away from that. Given such a loaded question in a historically PC venue, that probably would have been the most she could have gotten away with without rocking the boat.

Further reading: “What Miss Utah Should Have Said about the Gender Pay Gap” by Hadley Heath, and “In Slight Defense Of Miss Utah, A Little Bit, With Reservations” by Linda Holmes.

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