Friday, April 12, 2013

Dollar sign with a heartbeat

You’ll go a long way before finding a more eloquent expression of liberal youth angst in America:

My name is Keenan Glover, I’m an administration of justice major from Rochester, New York. A freshman, as well. You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone. Quite frankly, I don’t want that. I want a government that is going to help me. I want a government that will help me fund my college education. I want a government that won’t define me by my FAFSA or by my family’s income. I’m a dollar sign with a heartbeat in this nation. This society is a mirror image of Capitol Hill. Do you, Senator Rand Paul, have a formulated solution to come up with new American values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth of more than dead presidents and Ben Franklin?

Where to begin? I don’t think “the government that governs least governs best” is going to cut it.

For starters, whether Keenan Glover knows it, the question is hypocritical. He says he doesn’t want to be treated like a “dollar sign with a heartbeat.” But that’s exactly how he treats the people whose taxes he wants to fund his overpriced education.

How much “help” is a negative $53,000 inheritance? How many opportunities to acquire the capital necessary to pursue your self-interest will you lose while paying that debt back via confiscatory taxes and/or devaluation of the currency? Is the job market for “administration of justice” degrees so rich that this immense cost is of negligible consequence? I’ll hazard a guess and say no.

We don’t need “new” American values. We need to bring back old American values, the values of faith, vocation, family, and community that built this country up from nothing, that overthrew the tyranny of George III, that ended slavery, that maximize men’s happiness in a thriving civil society.

In the zero-sum world Marxists envision, everything—even human life—is reducible to material value. The Democratic Party has no respect for the sanctity of life. They’re for abortion, euthanasia, and softer sentences for murderers. They’re for weakening marriage, the sacred union that ensures the well-being children. They’re for taking the produce of your labor, taxing the very sweat from your brow, and using it to subsidize the lifestyles of the lazy and wasteful pet projects like “green” energy, and to bail out banks and corporations who profited from abusing the public trust.

There is dignity in work. The harder you work, the more you develop your skills, the greater the value you provide to people, the better you’re able to support yourself and your family. The beauty of the free market is that there is no ceiling as to how much value one person can provide. You get as much out of it as you put in. Big government doesn’t believe in that. Big government believes in centralizing its power over the individual, concentrating it in the hands of the few, either through directly controlling the market via smothering regulations, or forging partnerships with megacorporations that act as de facto government agencies.

Never mind all that. What was Rand Paul’s response to the question?

In America you can live and be a follower of Louis Farrakhan if we leave you alone, and we ought to.


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