Thursday, March 14, 2013

Will to gender

Gender totalitarianism and the Nietzschean will to power are intersecting in Massachusetts. The first state to recognize same-sex marriage, the birthplace of the American Revolution has hermaphroditically spawned another revolution, this one against sexual nature.

Last summer, Logan [Ferraro] and other supporters applauded a change in state law which added nondiscrimination in schools based on gender identity. That led to a recent memo from Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester offering guidance on what the changes mean. In it, schools are required to accept the gender a student recognizes as their own including bathroom and locker room access.

Gender Marxists like the Boston Alliance of Gay Bisexual Transgender Youth (BAGLY) and 15 year-old boys eager to shower with the cheerleading squad call it progress. And if you’re—God forbid—a devout Christian, Jew, or Muslim parent who guards his child’s innocence, why you’re a bigot!

Under Massachusetts law, what began as optional gender neutrality has predictably morphed into enforced gender indifference. This is the consequence of the logic used to recategorize marriage. Gender, determined by biological chance, is now viewed as an identity and a choice. The facts of nature do not stand to the ultimate will of the individual. The ego knows no bounds.

Not only must Massachusetts public schools respect that choice in the spirit of nondiscrimination, but they must accommodate the special demands associated, rationally or irrationally, with that identity. Try to wrap your head around the vague allusions to woebegone suffering endured by the “transgendered” in public schools (keep in mind these are quotes by real people):

“I had all of these problems and everyone kept telling me that they couldn’t help me.”

“It ended up being harder than it was because they had no idea what to prepare for they had no idea what was coming.”

“We wanted to come up with something that would best address their needs and their safety needs and affirming their identities.”

“I think there is a big difference between safety and comfort and safety needs to be the priority.”

I doubt the transgendered themselves understand what they’re talking about. The truth is it doesn’t matter. As a means of acquiring political power, victimhood works. Now, BAGLY and gay-straight alliance groups are positioned to exploit cowardly school administrators’ efforts to “accommodate” a tiny fraction of their students, a fraction sure to grow when sex-addled students realize the windfall of sexual “liberation.”

If there’s anything positive to take away from this, it’s that Massachusetts is 10 to 20 years “ahead” of the rest of the country. If reason prevails in the Supreme Court this summer, there is still hope for red states that have more respect for the way things are.

Further reading: “Genderless,” “Redistribution of marriage,” and Hollingsworth v. Perry.”

P.S.: Why is the Boston Alliance of Gay Bisexual Transgender Youth shortened to BAGLY? I’ll venture a guess: The group was formerly called the Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Youth, and that wasn’t “inclusive” enough, so they folded “Lesbian” into “Gay” and added “Bisexual” and “Transgender,” but kept the BAGLY name. BAGBTY doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

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