Friday, February 22, 2013

Republicanus selfimmolatus

Democrats care about Republicans’ electoral welfare. Really they do. Nothing would please Democrats more than parity with their stated enemy, than equal footing with the party that opposes everything they stand for. If only Republicans weren’t perceived as being so angry, so rigid, so uncool, so...conservative, they would win elections.

There is a pitiful instinct among some Republicans to adopt this contrived narrative to ingratiate themselves to the liberal mainstream. We can’t be the party of the rich, bemoans Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to Politico. Why not? Rich liberals like Warren Buffet and Michael Moore don’t seem to hurt Democrats’ reputation. Then again, they do support liberal causes. Having the right politics, you see, trumps being rich. That’s what Republicans are missing: rich liberals.

It’s okay if we distance ourselves from Rush Limbaugh, trills atheist Gothamite Sarah Elizabeth Cupp to the New York Times. This of course would be predicated on Limbaugh actually being wrong, like when he called Sandra Fluke a slut. Nothing shouts sexual virtue quite like asking taxpayers to subsidize your rutting.

Is evolving past shaming wantonness and class warfare towards shaming ourselves really going to help conservatism? Or is it just a prescription for Republican second-class status in a socialist secularistocracy?

That being said, I don’t agree with everything I read and hear from conservatives. However, I don’t exploit those disagreements and stab my allies in the back in a futile effort to prove to liberals I’m not that guy. The goal is to move them to your side, not move yourself to theirs. As Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator put it:

Not that conservatives can’t legitimately disagree with Rush or any other prominent conservative on issue X. An understanding of the past means, as I use it here, that one should not be so intellectually impoverished enough as to not know that how you disagree—and most importantly in today’s world, where you do it—is critical. Because the other side is not looking for a debate—they are looking to destroy. Ronald Reagan and Lee Atwater yesterday, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin or Fox News or Sarah Palin today or, inevitably, a Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz tomorrow.

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