Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Race rules

The fact of the matter is cop-killer Chris Dorner is a murdering lunatic. His cult-like following consists exclusively of OWS anarchists and “black power” racists, the type Rob Parker was speaking to when he hinted Robert Griffin III wasn’t black enough. These mayhem rationalizers are the children of grievance mongering and entitlement. As Dennis Prager says: “Nothing leads to murder and other evils more than a sense of victimization.”

What lily-white observers need to remember, when criticizing “team Dorner,” is to oppose with equal ferocity Hitler and Timothy McVeigh acolytes. Can’t we condemn all the crazies at once, instead of isolating groups here and there? So one argument goes. If McVeigh had a white supremacist cult following stirring up trouble somewhere, I might.

This is a rhetorical ploy to protect the core of “black” identity, rooted in failure and anger, that wields so much political power. Those who conspicuously remain silent—like during the L.A. riots, like during the O.J. Simpson verdict—like the 90 percent of nonviolent Muslims, give protective cover to the violent 10 percent. They are the shaft thrusting the tip of the spear.

The fact of the matter is most Hispanics are liberal. As liberals, they prefer government patronage to personal responsibility. Bless Marco Rubio’s heart for trying, but his State of the Union dual English/Spanish response will be remembered as the day English finally fell as America’s common language. This event was a long time coming, given our inability to assimilate recent Latin-American immigrants (legal and illegal) to American society except the welfare state.

I fear the ideas expressed in English that fail to convince liberal Hispanics of the truth of their lives and the human condition won’t sell any better in Spanish. Language is the tongue’s filter of the mind. To borrow from Prager again, there is no Spanish equivalent of “earn.” The closest Spanish word is ganar, or “to win.” In Spanish you do not “earn” a living; you “win” a living. To at least some English speakers, welfare payments are not earned. But to Spanish speakers, welfare payments are won, the same as income from a job is won. The difference between “earn” and “win” doesn’t exist in Spanish speakers minds.

As such, subtitles and translations aren’t enough to reach them. There’s more to “speaking their language” than actually speaking their language. You have to hold their hand and humble yourself to help relieve them of their liberal close-mindedness. I’ve seen this fail too many times with so-called moderates, centrists, and independents to be convinced it will work in this case. We’ve sacrificed too many principles on the altar of “winning,” without winning. We should lead liberals of all stripes to the waters of conservatism, but we shouldn’t muddy those waters when they refuse to drink.

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