Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holocaust of heritage

A hysterical sports columnist condemns Tim Tebow for planning to appear at a Dallas Baptist church, as if a relatively weak association to “controversial” pastor Robert Jeffress is equivalent to clinking wine glasses with Adolf Eichmann. Let’s review the litany of the pastor’s crimes. Jeffress claimed AIDS spreads via gay men having sex. Doesn’t it? He claimed Jews who don’t accept Jesus as Lord and Savior are not saved. They’re not. He claimed Islam promotes pedophilia. It does: Mohammed, the model for Muslim men, married a 6-year-old.

An anti-Christian media and entertainment establishment taking the time to police speech by religious figures is hypocrisy. If there’s anything they like better than slandering us as stupid, backwards, and bigoted to increase their cultural cachet, it’s exacerbating theological divisions to weaken inter-faith fellowship.

The sewage of pop culture, reeking of the elites’ unfounded biases, keeps many people from seeking answers where they are most likely to find them: in God. Is it any wonder the default attitude of a child raised in such a culture is secular?

Let’s assemble a hate crimes tribunal for Jeffress. And while we’re at it, let’s charge Tebow with aiding and abetting. I see where society is headed, the terms of the final battle. I wait for the day to come. The anticipation is killing me.

There is simply no tolerance for traditional moral discernment or cognition under the emerging regime. All presumptions of inequality, based on an understanding of what choices make for better outcomes in the natural and moral order over man, will be criminalized. The freedoms of association and religious worship will fall to the idol of hate speech. The views that built a civilization will be laid to rest one by one, a holocaust of heritage.

The gay mafia gets behind a Sullivan, Indiana, high school student’s petition demanding gay couples be allowed to march in the prom parade. Unwilling to adapt to the destructive sexual mores that define the era, some in the town push back with a proposal for a separate “straight” prom.

“We are conservative around here. That’s just the way of this town,” said one local. Sorry, modernity says you’re a bigot. Ask the authority on these matters, professional libeler Dan Savage: “There’s no way to stop the haters at Sullivan High School from holding an independent prom for the special bigoted kids.”

This is what holds court now in public discourse. At this point, “God bless America” has an ironic tone.

UPDATE (2/22):

Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at the First Baptist Church in Dallas. This is a big win for political correctness. The most beloved Christian public figure in America has allowed the secular media to dictate what tenets of Christian faith it is permissible to be even mildly associated with. Robert Jeffress spoke eloquently after the news broke:

We have been mischaracterized and misquoted as being a hate-spewing church. For us to simply say that Jesus Christ offers salvation to anyone who believes in him, and that sex should be between a man and woman and marriage, that that should be considered hate speech, I don’t understand that. It really shows you not that the Word of God has changed, but society has changed.

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