Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not “black” enough

As ESPN commentator Rob Parker demonstrated last week, “blackness” is not about skin pigment. It’s about internalizing a culture of dysfunction, grievance, and entitlement; a culture of degrading rap music and sagging pants, male incarceration and broken homes, high unemployment and welfare dependency.

Esteemed blacks who refuse to identify with black victimhood, who are not “down with the cause,” are subject to myriad epithets, including but not limited to “cornball brother,” “house nigger,” and “Uncle Tom.”

Under this retrograde regime, blacks form a racial bloc perpetually exacting “vengeance” on imaginary white oppressors. This manifests itself as virulent prejudice against the habits and behaviors of the successful.

That in itself is bad enough, but Leftists enable a cycle of failure by conflating anti-“blackness” (aka conservatism) with outright racism. As Investor’s Business Daily notes, the conservative agenda “[appeals] to everybody equally on issues that cross ethnic, racial and gender lines.” But blacks consistently vote against their interests because “blackness” has a death grip on their worldview.

The American Left’s obsession with race began with Karl Marx’s obsession with power and class. His goal was class warfare, the proletariat rising up against the bourgeoisie, resulting eventually in the banishment of all classes. Then all would be equal. In post-Jim Crow America, Leftists harp on race to the same effect. But it’s difficult to see utopia resulting from the demonization of virtue, which is what the race war is all about.

Read this breathtaking excerpt from New York Times op-ed contributor Adolph L. Reed, Jr:

[Tim Scott’s] politics, like those of the archconservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, are utterly at odds with the preferences of most black Americans. Mr. Scott has been staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion.

One can only infer that wealth redistribution, forced union membership, and murder of the unborn are in blacks’ best interest. And if they’re in blacks’ best interest, why wouldn’t they be in everyone’s best interest, this being a colorblind society and all? Death grip indeed!

For more on this topic, read Lee Habeeb’s article at National Review.

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