Monday, December 3, 2012

“Julia” for Person of the Year

Time’s 2011 Person of the Year was the “Protester,” an imaginary figure viewed through the warped lens of the media’s false narrative, an amalgam of undefined ideologies ranging from dangerously naïve (Occupy Wall Street) to relentlessly totalitarian (Muslim Brotherhood).

JuliaIn the spirit of that choice, I nominate “Julia” for Time’s 2012 Person of the Year. She too is an imaginary figure—faceless, as depicted to the left. She is more the postmodern state’s realization of a cradle-to-grave managed lifestyle than an individual. The extent to which her life is celebrated is her consumption of various government services, such as Head Start, student loan forgiveness, and free contraceptives.

The Communists had their “New Soviet Man.” America has in Julia its “New Woman,” the next evolutionary step towards a less messy, more efficient humanity. Like a product on the assembly line, a giant mechanical apparatus run by equally faceless apparatchiks, she moves from one step in her life to the next. She makes the journey alone, unburdened by friends and family, except when she “chooses” to have a baby, responsibility for which ends when it’s time to send the little collection of cells off to reeducation. Surprise of surprises, there’s no father in sight.

As of right now, Julia is still a fantasy (or nightmare, depending on your point of view). She can become reality if Americans sacrifice what has set us apart since we first settled this country: our faith, our freedom, and our ambition. Julia is content because big government spares her the starts and stops, ebbs and flows of the pursuit of happiness.

Then again she is a voiceless subject of the all-powerful state. Whatever it does to her she cannot stop. The state will transmogrify society and will give no quarter to the unmanaged, independent lifestyle. And she’ll only have prior generations who tolerated tyranny to blame.

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