Saturday, November 24, 2012

Consumed with banality

I harbor a deep resentment of the trivia and superficiality that govern public discourse. Emotions seem to outweigh truth in every venue that matters to people. About a year ago, I was downright depressed about this situation, and I wrote this poem:

Day to day, consumed with banality,
Heedless, decadent, stupid,
We race through the crumbling architecture,
Held together by the threads of past principles,
While the inevitable looms ahead,
A return to nature, lawless and wild,
Suspended by time and luck,
Descending, descending.

The seeming insurmountable death grip political correctness has on the culture can lead one to give up and focus his energies in other areas better suited to personal satisfaction. But I find pleasure in the argument, even when it fails.

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